Chennai is the capital city of T.N ,besides being an important district. The district city is one of the metropolis of India and serves as the gateway of the culture of south India.

The city was established in the 17th century by the British, who developed it into a major Urban center and naval base.
The Chennai central Cooperative Bank, previously known as The Madras District Cooperative Central Bank Ltd., was registered as a Cooperative Society on 10.07.1930 and commenced its business on the same day. The area of operation of the Bank extends to the Corporation Limits of Chennai. As a District Central Cooperative Bank, it caters to the needs of the Primary Cooperative Societies and Cooperative Wholesale Stores and other Cooperatives in Chennai city
At the commencement, the business of the Bank was confined to a few lakh of rupees. With the able administration of the then President Dr. P.Natesan, M.B.B.S., popularly known as the Father of Cooperation the business of the Bank expanded to new heights. Whenever the elected Board was not in Office, the Special Officers, who are Officers from the Cooperative Department on deputation, took charge of the management of Bank. From the year 2001, the Bank is continuously managed by the Special Officers. To ease the burden of the common public, from the clutches of the Pawn brokers, the Bank has started issuing jewel loans to the individuals from the year 1976, which is now has attained a multifold growth. In the year 1980, the Bank was granted license under Section 22 of Banking Regulation Act of 1949 to do banking business.
It is the Chennai Central Cooperative Bank, with its long sighted vision, mooted the concept of Banking at Doorsteps by launching its Mobile Branch in the year 1979. The mobile Branch visited the areas in the City, where banking facilities were not available and provided Banking services to the public in that area. Now the Bank has 65 Branches, one mobile unit and its Head Office located at Prakasam Salai (Broadway). At present the Bank is transforming itself into modernization by computerizing all its operations in its Branches and Head Office, thus preparing the platform for Core-Banking Business at a later date.
As on 31.3.2011, there were 500 affiliated societies with a paid-up share capital of Rs.153.22 Crores. The Authorised Share Capital of the Bank is Rs.200 Crores made up of 200,00,000 shares.
The accounts of the Bank are audited by the Auditors of the Cooperative Audit Department, Government of Tamil Nadu. From the year 2011, the accounts of Bank are subject to Chartered Accountants Audit. The Bank has earned a net profit of Rs.59.47 Crores and was classified under A Class in the final audit as on 31.3.2011. The Bank is continuously placed under A Class in the Audit for several decades and is earning profit since its inception. The Bank is periodically inspected by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The Bank has a low percentage of Non-Performing Assets i.e. 6.65% among the District Central Cooperative Banks in Tamil Nadu. Similarly, the Bank has the highest percentage of CRAR (Capital to Risk Assets Ratio). The CRAR of the Bank is 27.02%, which is the highest among the Central Cooperative Banks in Tamil Nadu.
The authorized share capital of the Bank is Rs 200,00,00,000/. Shares made up 20000000/ shares of each value of Rs, 100/. Subscribed by the affiliated cooperative societies and state Government the details as per the audit report for the year 2010-11 as follows,
No. Of Members
No. Of Shares
A Class Member Societies
State Govt

Right to Information Act ( RTI )

Our Bank has appointed / designated all our Branch Mangers as Asst. Public Officers at Branches level, Asst. General Manger ( Admin ) as Asst. Public Information Officer at Head Office , the General Manager as Public Information Officer and the Special Officer / Addl . Regisrar as Appellate Authority under Act , as per the order Govt / RCS .